CCTv for schools in Mumbai Thane made compulsory

The recent news of the Murder in the Ryan School has shocked all the people .

There is a need to install cameras in the schools ,School buses etc but the main part to be understood that these cameras have to professionaly installed and the right camera position and angles need to be taken into consideration before the installation .

The biggest mistake most people make are that they do not check the experience of the installers of cctv .Think of it in this manner that if a patient is unwell ,does he go to the cheapest doctor available who may also be a quack ,or will he check the references and his experience and then select the doctor for his treatment .

Unfortunately In India there is no law which regulates the person becoming an installer and certifying him/her to be a qualified installer .Any person with zero experience can become an installer .This kind of person only know that cameras have be installed and will install acoording to his whims and ultimately the system is useless .

Remember the most important part is that critical installation in places like schools to be undertaken should be by experts in this field with atleast 5 to 7 years experience .

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